A longtime Sedona resident, KD draws inspiration for her unique jewelry designs from the area’s pristine beauty. Her time exploring Sedona’s trails, mountains and watering holes helps to inform her creative process. Tree bark, cholla wood and serpent scales texture KD’s work, while her use of boulder opal, turquoise and lapis reflects the lustrous earth of the high desert and its brilliant sky. Starting with these natural rough-hewn stones, KD adapts her designs to match each stone’s individual qualities as she cuts, shapes and polishes the gems by hand in her local studio. With every piece, KD hopes to capture the enchantment of Sedona for the wearer.



Client Collaboration

You have an idea of an item you'd like custom made for yourself or as a gift. Perhaps it's an item you've pictured in your mind or it's something you've seen elsewhere. The artist can work with you to make your vision come to life.

Custom Orders

You have seen an item of KD Steele's that you would like to order in a different size or with other alterations. Cuffs, bracelets, and rings can be custom made to fit, but no two will be exactly alike as they are handmade. Gemstones vary and are based on availability.