Australian Boulder Opal and Heart Pendant


Title: Babette

Description and Dimensions

This triangular Australian Boulder Opal is set in a fine silver (.999) textured bezel with a reticulated sterling silver (.925) domed heart dangling from the bottom. This boulder opal gemstone has hints of blue, green, and purple opal running though it. This pendant is hung from a sterling silver bail, on an 18” sterling silver wheat chain. This pendant measures 2 1/4 inches long by 1 inch wide.

Each piece of Australian Boulder Opal is cut into slabs, shaped and polished by the artist, KD Steele.

Babette is handmade and one-of-a-kind.

Gemstone Attributes

Boulder Opal calms the inner soul by representing the interplay of emotional elements, as seen by its refracting colors. This gemstone, which yields one-of-a kind-pieces that are unlike any other, facilitates personal actualization and self-awareness. It is an excellent stone for progress, expansion, and development.

It is said that Boulder Opal has the following healing properties: It balances energy in the aura, helps restore you to wellness after times of stress or negativity, allows your inner radiance to shine forth, enhances inner and outer beauty, promotes harmony in friendships and partnerships, connects you to the cosmos, promotes mystical experience and journey work,  and can assist you in seeing auras and allows you to remain positive and optimistic until your hopes, dreams, and wishes have been fulfilled (or until you find a more suitable path forward).

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