Australian Boulder Opal and Sterling Silver Earrings


Title: Little Boulder

Description & Dimensions

Long sterling silver bars adorned with a beautiful matched pair of Australian Boulder Opal gemstones set in a fine silver bezel.  They are secured by a sterling silver friction ear nut and post. This pair measures 2.5 inches long by 1/2” wide.

Handmade by KD Steele.

Gemstone Attributes

Boulder Opal calms the inner soul by representing the interplay of emotional elements, as seen by its refracting colors. This gemstone, which yields one-of-a kind-pieces that are unlike any other, facilitates personal actualization and self-awareness. It is an excellent stone for progress, expansion, and development.

Unique and beautiful Bolder Opal can help one connect the conscious and subconscious aspects of Self, providing a way for a clearing understanding. In addition, Boulder Opal promotes communication between the Earth plane and the Mystic Realm, and can aid connection to hidden information with dream work and vision questing. Boulder Opal can also clear and brightens one’s aura, stimulating spiritual and emotional healing.

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