Crystal, Glass, Silk and Brass Seed Bead Bracelet


Title: Smoky

Description & Dimensions

Smoky is a loom-woven bracelet made of gold silk warp threads, Swarovski Crystal faceted fire-polished beads, and glass beads. The color palette in this bracelet includes gray, black, pale peach, light topaz, matte gold, cream, pearl gray, and brown aurora borealis. This bead pattern is a combination of Native American and contemporary southwest styles. The sturdy magnetic dot patterned clasp is sterling silver plated. This smaller bracelet measures 6 1/8 inches around the wrist and should comfortably fit anyone with a 5 7/8 inch (or less) wrist size. It is 7/8″ wide.

Note: Custom seed bead bracelet wrist lengths and colors are available. A large selection of sterling silver plated magnetic clasp patterns are available while supplies last.

Handmade by Sedona artist, KD Steele.