Kingman Turquoise and Spiny Oyster Pendant


Title: Sedona Landscape

Description and Dimensions

The blue Kingman turquoise in this pendant is combined with Spiny Oyster and bronze though a new process at the Kingman, Arizona mine. The gemstone is set in a patterned fine silver (.999) bezel and suspended from a triple loop sterling silver (.925) bail. It is hung on an 18 inch rose gold plated chain which complements the reddish orange and peach spiny oyster tones. Sedona Landscape depicts the mountains and sky of the high desert. This pendant measures 2 inches long (from top of the bail to bottom of the back plate) by 7/8 inches wide.

Each piece of Kingman turquoise combined with spiny oyster is shaped and polished by the artist, KD Steele.

Sedona Landscape is handmade and one-of-a-kind.

Gemstone Attributes

Only the brightest colored shells are selected for inlay. The Inca referred to spiny oyster as mullu and used the shell as an offering for rain and good harvests during the spring. The importance of this shell was so great that there was a unique role in their society based around the mollusk.

The oyster turquoise is made with real shell from the spiny oyster, which is combined with turquoise to create the beautiful unique patterns. Andean people used spondylus shell as complete shells in rituals, cut into pieces and used as inlay in jewelry, and ground into powder and used as architectural decoration.

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